My Journalistic Dereliction


Mr. Berman’s letter illustrates the point I made about selective concern in the opening paragraph of my article. His outrage is reserved for the case of Vincent Schultz, a white commercial farmer who owns a 1,400-acre farm. This is approximately 200 times the size of the average black owned farm, and is situated on land far more suitable for agriculture than the barren lands blacks were herded onto during the colonial era. The Schultz farm has been divided into several smaller farms, which will now support many farmers. Mr. Schultz, as well as other white Zimbabwean commercial farmers can continue to farm, but their new farms will be smaller. They will no longer possess gigantic tracts of land, much of it unused, while millions of people live in severely overcrowded conditions on barren land. They will have enough land to make a living, though. It is simply untenable that a few landowners hold more land than they can use while millions live in despair. There is room in Zimbabwe for both white and black farmers. What there is no longer room for in Zimbabwe is gross inequality.