Devastating Free Market Reforms Imposed on Serbia


Nine years ago, neoliberal political forces took power in Serbia, promising a radical transformation of the economy. Today, deep into that transformation, Serbia is foundering from its effects, exacerbated by the worldwide economic downturn. Industrial production has fallen 15 percent compared to the average of last year, while unemployment remains high.[1]

A delegation from the IMF is now in Belgrade, negotiating over Serbia’s 2010 national budget and how best to deal with the economic crisis. The two sides are not far apart, in that both parties envision more of the usual neoliberal prescriptions as the way out of an economic crisis brought about in large part by those very same measures. Read More »

An Alternative Vision of Healthcare: The People Before Profit Community Healthcare Project Visit to Venezuela


An Interview with Netfa Freeman

In June, the People Before Profit Community Healthcare Project visited Venezuela in order to assess the state of its healthcare system.  The People Before Profit Community Healthcare Project models itself on the Cuban community-based approach to healthcare, and has established a project along those lines in a small neighborhood in Washington, DC.  The visit was therefore directly relevant to its own project’s goals.  Netfa Freeman is an organizer with the organization, and he discusses here what the delegation saw in Venezuela.


North Korean “Counterfeiting Scheme” Redux: What is Behind These Renewed Allegations?


As relations with North Korea show signs of improvement, two recent articles have brought to the fore old and unconfirmed allegations of North Korean state-sponsored counterfeiting. Both the August 24 issue of The Independent [1]and the September issue of Vanity Fair [2] advance arguments for North Korea’s guilt and do little to hide their desire for the U.S. to take a more aggressive approach to that nation.

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