US Military Exercises Ramp Up Tensions in the Asia-Pacific

Hosts Sean Blackmon and Jacquie Luqman are joined by Gregory Elich to discuss ongoing military drills between the US and South Korea, which are testing the potential bombing and invasion of North Korea, how this fits into the recent slate of military exercises in the region, and how that reveals the absurdity of calling these drills “defensive,” how these drills fit into US preparations for war with China, and how North Korea is being framed as an aggressor by the US press despite the aggression from the US.


Manifestations of Unending War / Yoon’s Project to Reshape South Korea

Joint Presentation by Christine Hong and Gregory Elich

Christine Hong – Manifestations of Unending War: Korea

Gregory Elich – Yoon’s Project to Reshape South Korea

Sanctions and Nation-Breaking: Yugoslavia

This episode of Guerrilla History is a continuation of our Sanctions as War miniseries, and is our first case study of the series.  In this episode, we hear the simultaneously heartbreaking and infuriating story of the sanctions on Yugoslavia from Gregory Elich.  

Culture and Liberation: Exile Writings, 1966–1985


Since Alex La Guma passed away in 1985, his name has generally faded from public memory, at least in the Western world. Yet during his lifetime, La Guma was a well-regarded novelist, short-story writer, and South African anti-apartheid activist.


Roundtable: A Geopolitical Perspective on the Biden-Yoon Summit


Presentation by Simone Chun, Tim Beal, K.J. Noh, and Gregory Elich, discussing how the Biden-Yoon Summit signals a shift toward raising tensions on the Korean Peninsula in particular, and the Asia-Pacific in general. Live program originally shown on May 23, 2022, the day after the summit.


Serbia Resists US-led Bullying

Little more than half a year has passed since Belgrade hosted the Non-Aligned Summit on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the movement’s founding, and Serbia is increasingly under fire for upholding the organization’s principles.

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The Geopolitical Influences on Upcoming South Korean Election


In this segment of By Any means Necessary, Sean Blackmon and Jacqueline Luqman are joined by Gregory Elich to discuss the upcoming general elections in South Korea and the geopolitical contours that affect the race and US involvement in the peninsula, how South Korea’s proximity to North Korea and China impacts the stakes of the election and US interest in the eventual winner, and current president Moon Jae-In’s myopic focus on a peace declaration that would have little effect on the potential for peace on the Korean peninsula.


Is Korea Heading Toward a Political Crossroads?


South Koreans go to the polls on March 9 to elect a new president, who will assume office two months later. At a time when U.S.-North Korean relations are at an impasse, and the Biden administration is building an aggressive anti-China alliance, much may rest on the outcome.

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List of References for Yugoslavia chapter in Sanctions as War

This is a complete list of references for my chapter ‘Sanctions and Nation Breaking: Yugoslavia, 1990-2000’, published in the anthology ‘Sanctions as War: Anti-Imperialist Perspectives on American Geo-Economic Strategy‘, Haymarket Books, March 7, 2023.

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A Geopolitical Perspective of Biden’s North Korea Policy

Presentation by Simone Chun, Tim Beal, and Gregory Elich