WPFW Interview: Rising Tensions on the Korean Peninsula

Voices with Vision

Gregory Elich interviewed by Netfa Freeman, on the Voices with Vision Program


Another Look at the Cheonan Incident


As relations between the two Koreas worsen, the sinking of the South Korean corvette Cheonan continues to be a significant source of contention. On May 20 of this year, the South Korean-led Military-Civilian Investigation Group (JIG) announced the results of its investigation, charging that a North Korean submarine had torpedoed the vessel. Since then a number of commentators have pointed out numerous flaws in the investigation’s conclusions.

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The Sinking of the Cheonan and Its Political Uses


Much has been written about the sinking of the South Korean corvette Cheonan, and the evidence is widely regarded as clearly pointing to North Korean culpability. The Western press presents the case as solid and irrefutable, and the tragedy is seen as one more example of North Korean perfidy. Yet, doubts persist.

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