Union-Led Popular Protests Push to Oust South Korean President

Han Sang-gyun

By Hyun Lee and Gregory Elich

Massive protests have rocked South Korea’s capital city of Seoul over the past month, as workers demand the ouster of President Park Geun-hye and an end to her plans for drastic, anti-worker changes to the country’s labor laws.


Crackdown On Citizen Protests In Korea


On KPFA Flashpoints:

Interview with Gregory Elich, KCTU International Director Mikyung Ryu, and Doraji Baek, the daughter of Baek Nam-ki.




Fightback in Korea


In a climate of increasing repression, the Park Geun-hye government in South Korea is launching the latest in its series of attacks on working people. A retrograde labor reform plan is being set in motion that promises to drive down wages and undermine job security. There is broad and determined resistance to the plan, and workers and farmers are taking the battle to the streets.

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